We Are the Seven

Are Christians different than the people in the Bible? What is one of the biggest challenges the body of Christ is experiencing today?In We Are the Seven, Johnson explores the idea of how Christians today have common characteristics with people of the Bible. Many current issues are flooding the body of Christ. In modern times, destructive isms and schisms are running rampant in the body of Christ. In the body of Christ, lack of unity has become a growing trend. We have separated ourselves into special sects. Denominations can cause separation among believers. Various issues divide us within each denomination. Those problems also extend to all individual churches within the denominations. However, the issues within the church are not new.We Are the Seven is a comparative look of today’s church versus the first churches. There are many books and sermons based on the seven churches. Those books and sermons often point out the flaws of the body of Christ. This book will challenge you to look at the redemption plan that God has for the body of Christ. When we look at the seven churches Jesus chose to highlight in Revelation, we can see that God already knew of the troubles that the body of Christ would have to face today. Through the seven churches, we can learn unity among the body of Christ. We can learn how to live as a believer. We can learn of God’s grace, mercy, and redeeming plan for man.

--Synita Haskins-Johnson

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