We Fight Not Against Flesh and Blood: Book 2

In this book, we fight not against flesh and blood; it is about many agendas. Satan and the spirit world of spirit persons, demons, have set their goals to accomplish against Jehovah God’s creation of the human race, which have brought spiritual conflicts across the earth and which the human race are not aware of.

Human beings believe their fight is against flesh and blood, which it isn’t. Our fight is against wicked spirit persons, demons, real and alive spirit persons, who have entered multitudes of human bodies to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals, which there are many. Neither age nor gender is no exception in accomplishing their goals.

Children of all ages are in some kind of spiritual conflict. Why was prayer abolished out of their school system? Why is the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God not to be used or spoken of on such campuses? Why can’t they pray in the name of Jesus when others around them pray to their gods openly?

In these writings there are many answers to questions people in general like to know, but won’t ask; even adults want to ask.

I’ve been in spiritual warfare or conflict my entire life. I have seen Satan, the devil, several times, whom God revealed to me. Satan and demons are real spirit persons as any human being on the earth. I’ve dialogued with the devil, not knowing that it was Satan transitioned as a real person, a human being. God revealed to me who Satan was.

He walks the earth today as a human being, which only God can identify Satan as a man, a real person, yet spirit being Satan spirit of deception in control, who passes the power of influence over every alcoholic and alcoholism throughout the entire world.

The world needs to know the “truth.” There isn’t any medical cure for the alcoholic nor alcoholism anywhere throughout the entire world. Why isn’t there? Because alcoholism is not a medical problem; it is a demonically controlled problem, controlled by alcohol of spirit persons. Demons who have entered human bodies and only by Jesus Christ’s name can cure or cast these alcohol demons out of the human bodies. There is no other—I reiterate, there is no other prominent cure but in the name of Jesus Christ. Jehovah God is my witness of this truth and testimony.

I was held in bondage and control for nearly forty years, demon-possessed and demonically controlled by alcohol demons, not knowing my condition until I called out to God and God cured me. I heard voices in my head for as many years; the voices also left.

My cure came on March 18, 1984. I’ve never drunk nor had the urge to drink nor the desire to drink nor smoked another cigarette since that day. God is my witness of this testimony!

--Donald Evans