We're Not Weak, We're Warriors: The Battle after the Abuse

The first time James went away, he had an absolutely terrible

experience. He was sexually assaulted. The experience took

everything he had, inside and out, or at least that is what he

thought. The book is about the experience itself, the year or so

leading up to it, and how he dealt with the grief, depression,

and constant thoughts of it. It wasn’t always easy, but he didn’t

let it take everything from him. It broke him to his core, but he

survived. So he wrote this short story, if you will, to try to help

anyone out there who needs someone to listen and someone

who understands what they went through or are going through.

He has helped a few people who just needed to know that

someone cared and understood, not someone who would try

to make sense of it or try to label what they were going through

with terms they learned in school, just someone to listen. He

wrote about his experiences and stages of dealing with the pain

because writing helped him, and he hopes maybe it can help

someone out there.

--James Wylie