We're Poetry in Motion: Because Life with Jesus Is a Journey

Glen Kehr is sixty-one years old and a bachelor with no children. He lives in small-town America, New Paris, Indiana, with family and his beloved dog, Jacky Boy. He’s a custodian at a high school. He’s a Christian of twenty-eight years and a recovered alcoholic of twenty-seven years. He spends time on Facebook with family and friends. He loves music, especially Southern gospel, and likes to sing along. He would like to be a songwriter but doesn’t play an instrument. His hobbies are reading the Bible and Christian literature every day, and now writing his first book––a book of Christian song poetry inspired by God, the Trinity, the Bible, and Southern gospel songs.

Friends say he has an amazing talent for writing, but he says God gets the credit, that he just has the pen of a ready writer. He says he, too, is amazed at what God’s given him to write. He decided to have the book published at the encouragement of his friends. He wants God to be glorified and people to be blessed by it, and if by chance the book doesn’t sell, he still has the blessing of being a child of God’s kingdom. He’s looking to have a long, happy, and prosperous, working relationship with Christian Faith Publishing.

This book is dedicated to my sister Ellen Higginbotham who is struggling with ALS disease.

--Glen R. Kehr