What the Housekeeper Saw, Heard, and Did: How Parents and Grandparents Behave When the Family Isn't Close

Buckle up.  True Stories. Meet some of my clients of the last 10 years who own a good size bucket of nerve and who joyfully left behind any notion or care of what others think about them. And the kids are gone and usually far away. The clients were cleaver, successful, smart and even feared in some cases within the U.S. and internationally. Too bad if it's illegal, immoral, little lies, big lies, or attitude on a hot tin roof, the kids and grandkids aren't around and the rest aren't worth a darn to impress. The local drug stores in this city had 10 times the Blue Pill on hand compared to Seattle or Miami.Between 55 and 90, most retired and mad as hell at being irrelevant instead of admired and sought after, they tripped the light fantastic with a renewed sense of "I want to do that" and "I'm going to do that".  Their desires were unleashed and easy to latch on to "free to be, you and me"!  A favorite action they liked to deploy was one that they had spent years or decades talking about and that was changing the Last Will and Testament. "Let the kids make their own money-we did"! But this time they didn't tell the kids or debate it with anyone.  They would just tell it to me after they had done it.  Common and tame compared to the folk’s outrageous actions day or night. They had "paid their dues" they would tell me and that and only that would legitimize the forthcoming "tornado's"!You wouldn't believe what they almost always had up their sleeves, you just wouldn't. 

--Karen Williams