Where the Past Is Still Happening

Where the Past Is Still Happening evokes not just nostalgia, but a desire to share stories from your own life with others. This book reminds us of our own childhoods, and also reminds us that trials and even hardships build meaning into our stories. Reading Where the Past Is Still Happening may awaken in you a desire to plant some seeds and start a garden; it will surely make you hungry for great tasting old-fashioned foods and includes a collection of timeless recipes you will want to add to your repertoire. Some of the recipes appear in this engaging story about a Pennsylvania family who lived, grew food, cooked, and faced life's challenges with commitment to each other, hard work, faith in God, and respect for the earth. The book is the author's tale of living all of her life in a house built in 1842. It incorporates local history, as told to her by elderly neighbors and townsfolk who had lived in the town all of their lives. Interwoven are true stories about the house, the town, and the times; about meaningful events spanning almost two centuries, told by the people who lived them. Real life events told by real people, Where the Past Is Still Happening touches on world wars, country schooling, local history, indentured servitude, food as nurture, and fortitude and faith in good times and bad.

--Amy Marshall

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