Who Is? Who Is Christ? Who Are You? Who Is the Church?

In this current crucial age that we live in, to say that the storms of life have increased with greater intensity is a severe understatement. We can agree that the intensity of the storms that we have encountered in recent times has increased exponentially. The torrential rains have flooded our lives with uncertainty and loss of direction. The strong accompanying winds of these storms have blown at a velocity that we never before could have imagined or comprehended. The aftermath of the winds has sometimes caused complete disorientation and disarray. These cataclysmic times have shaken some to their very core and have caused a massive upheaval in the foundations of others. We have been able to handle challenges and situations in our lives before recognizing them as just a part of life. However, it seems the challenges and situations are more complex, and they compound one after another, one on top of another. It has caused us to go back to the basics, and in introspection, we again seek out the truth of who we are and what our purpose is on this earth.

There are three essential questions we need to establish in ourselves to ensure our foundations are solid. Our approach must be without previous assumption, cultural tradition, or societal influence.

Our journey together will begin the discourse of the following fundamental questions as we discuss who Christ is, who you are, and who the church is.

--C. Hysten