Whom Shall I Fear

I can only hope that the perception of my readers is not that they were being forcefed some sort of social orientation that I adamantly proclaim to be true. I am merely fulfilled and excited in sharing with my reader the fascination of my imagination unleashed by my own thought and perception. I still feel small when standing beside an ocean or stand at the foot of some majestic mountain. There is absolutely nothing narcissistic about any perceived intellectual value of my material. With my thought I am like a kid who has Christmas every day and just can’t wait until a session of show and tell at school. School being that outlet that provides a platform to adamantly present to the world, as they know it, a catharsis of grander and emotional joy one thinks will result in an elevated sense of elation in the people she will engage for years to come. The initial excitement of such sharing will, for many, carry over to be the impetus, of the great ones. Those who will entertain the world with the genius of their writing, the inspiration of their music. There are others that introduce the world to new and fascination dynamics because scientific discoveries, and their ability to collect available resources and ascertain profound ways in which to utilize those resource. The mind itself being the apex of such resource and intelligence. I am sure that my collection of thought is compilation from the stages of my life that resulted in untapped empirical knowledge and thought. I think I became truly infatuated with written expression at a very young age, during the time when the record company Motown was at its peak. The great Paul Anka wrote a lyric that sent me for a loop. He wrote that “memories are times that we barrow to use when we get to tomorrow.” Where will the world be if discerning people stop sharing their thoughts…where will the world be if we all stop or refuse to share our emotional excitement and the gifts of joy that they have encountered. What a better way to do so in written expression!

--Ronald Giles