Why Me, Lord?

How many times in your life have you asked yourself, “Why me, Lord”? Asking this question may be due to amazing blessings that God has given you, or it may be due to a devastating event that has occurred in your life. One thing you need to know is that God loves you and is always there for you and will never forsake you.

Through the telling of her own journey, Valerie offers insight into how you can draw closer to God when adversity strikes and have a heart of gratitude when He blesses you.

Everyone’s journey is different, but it is up to each one of you to seek God and allow Him to lead you down the path He has chosen for you. The plans He has for you are always better than the plans you have for yourselves.

As you read this book, seek God and pray He will guide you as you walk the path He has prepared for you. Seek His will for your life, so you can become the person He desires you to be. The Lord desires an intimate relationship with you; let your guard down and accept His love and blessings.

--Valerie Wright

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