Will Ferrell Saved My Life (...and God Helped): One Man's Guide to Suicide Prevention

When living becomes harder than dying, what option is there to end the suffering other than suicide? For men who are both proud and ashamed, we do not ask for help and often simply do not want it. But there is no question we need it. The afflictions from which we suffer leave us exhausted and defeated, barely hanging on to manage keeping our jobs, sustaining a marriage, or hoping to raise children without doing more damage than good. Anxiety and depression are brutal punishers that come and go without invitation, and our quest to control and defeat them can take us to the brink of sanity just as much as the afflictions themselves already do. Thoughts that are irrational appear rational, and options that are terrible can appear to be acceptable. “Perhaps if I was no longer here, I could end my suffering and finally rest. I could end the suffering of those around me and no longer be a burden that neither they nor I will ever overcome.” Suicide. Why are so many choosing it? As COVID-19 ravages the emotional health of millions of people around the globe, the isolation and disruption are pushing those of us suffering from anxiety and depression even closer to the edge, if not completely over it. But death is not the answer, and suicide is not the only choice. Through my story, I hope to help you, the reader, find relatability and claw your way to a point of resolve that will allow you to take steps toward saving yourself. For the sake of yourself and those you love, preserving your life can be done. Please don’t give up. Whether you are currently a Christian or not, it does not matter. You can be saved.

--B.L. Iyver