Women of the Bible vs. Women of the Twenty-First Century

As the ruler of the world, God had chosen how to guide His people. He pointed them to two relationships: Jesus’s relationship to the Father who sent Him and His relationship to those God gave Him. God controls every breath that we take and every step that one makes. It is God that makes disappointments His appointments. God reminds woman that His delay does not mean denials; it means development.God’s provision had already been set for both women of the Bible and women of the twenty-first century. This helped women worship the Giver more than the gift. This is why prayer should not only be focused on God’s provision but on His vision. God stirred the spirit, being large and in charge. It was the relationship that women of the twenty-first century and biblical women had with God that opened a mirror into the condition of their heart and women’s dependence on Him. God’s delay does not mean denials; it means development.Women of today’s era are much different than biblical women. The twenty-first century woman is consumed with multiple obligations, duties, and responsibilities on a daily basis, sometimes all at once. Today’s women are finally stepping out of their historical role of only mother and housewife. The modern woman has a much different lifestyle with many different choices. Modern women also look, dress, and act much differently than biblical women. Women today have also evolved and continue to evolve as they adapt to change.

--Dr. Erdie Mae Roberts Hutchings