You Are...: Reclaiming Your Identity in Christ

Through some emotional trauma experienced several years ago, Linda felt as if she had lost her identity in Christ. For a while, she thought she did not know who she was in God’s sight. During the process of healing from the hurts of the past, Linda wrote her first book, Let It Go. Now, as she continues her journey of inner healing, God impressed upon her to write a book about regaining one’s identity in Christ, primarily intended for women yet men can gain encouragement as well.Has anyone ever asked you who you are in Christ, and you could not give an answer? Linda's newest book, You Are… will help those who are searching to discover their identity in Christ. Those who may have suffered emotional trauma at the hands of others in their life, as was Linda’s experience, will soon find the answers they are seeking. After reading this book, you will be able to know who Christ has made you to be, valuable, beautiful, chosen, forgiven, a child of the Most High God. If you are questioning who you are in Christ, this is a needed read. You Are… is filled with encouragement, help, and hope just for you.

--Linda Hoffman