You Are Loved: Our Keys of Joy

You Are Loved: Our Keys of Joy is an invitation to live a kingdom lifestyle. You are loved, protected, and led by God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every day is an adventure with the Holy Spirit, a journey into the fulfillment of your purpose here as a child of God. Be equipped to finish strong, to leave the legacy God put inside of you and for which Jesus gave his life for you to walk in victory with. Learn to live faithfully with peace and joy regardless of the circumstance. Be the blessing God intended you to be.Reveal…So grateful and excited for book number two. This book is the result of my journey and spiritual growth with Jesus over the past ten years. The difference between my first book and this book is clear and it is a result of obeying the Holy Spirit when He asked me to read the Bible. I didn’t have a language for what I was experiencing spiritually until I read the Bible. I was having a spiritual encounter without the knowledge of the Word of God, which resulted in many misinterpretations I repented for.It is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit together that have brought transformation into my life daily. It is a lifestyle of kingdom way, allowing me to live my purpose with God on a daily basis in peace with joy. Holy Spirit has led the way, and my journey continues!

--Susan Newton