Your Pathway to Abundant Living

“A powerfully informative book and inspirational interpretation of the practical side of the Word of God. Too many Christians live defeated lives. You don’t have to be one of them. Your Pathway to Abundant Living merges our practical, everyday actions with the spiritual teachings of the Word of God and delivers a powerful self-help guide to success. It will help you realize and obtain the natural and spiritual blessings God has for you. No longer will you suffer living beneath your privilege after reading and applying the principles in this book. God wants you to live life more abundantly. Enjoy God’s best for your life through application of biblical principles. It provides instructions to live abundantly in every area of your life to include family, wealth, marriage, and spirituality. Filled with self-evaluations and recommendations for improvement, Your Pathway to Abundant Living can be used as a self-help for group studies or for individual self-improvement.”

--K. E. Clark