12 Month Dummy

Love is a strange feeling that most adults don’t understand yet. So, imagine being 14 and 16 years old and feeling, what you think, is love. Crazy Right? Well the fun doesn’t end just there. Travel with me in the 12 months of Maurice’s life where he experienced love, happiness, hurt, and sadness. Over a 12- month span from what started out as being easy, became harder. The days and months seemed longer and harder to deal with for Maurice. Through it all God was there for him and led him on this path for reasons we may never know. Dive in to the action of reading 12 Month Dummy so you can take the journey with him. Live through Maurice’s 12 months and decide what you would do if you were in his shoes. Would you stay and trust God, or would you leave and throw in the towel? The choice is yours, but the real question is… What will Maurice do?

--Stephon Mason

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