30 Important WOMEN of the Bible

On a Saturday night, I was sitting in bed, listening to Tabernacle of Gloryís Shekinah Night (live church service). Unfortunately, I couldnít be present, but nonetheless, I was still blessed. Pastor Gregory told everyone to keep their journals or notebooks next to their bed because God would talk to them in their dreams. Well, I didnít have to wait until I was asleep!

I was writing a letter to God about what I would love to know. I began writing about how I needed an idea for an art book of some kind. All of a sudden, Bible women flashed through my mind, and once that idea entered my mind, I knew I had to do it. And here we are! Youíre holding the book!

I hope by reading the stories and going through the pictures of this book, you have developed a new appreciation for Godís promise. If you have had some doubts in your belief as a Christian, I pray for you to strengthen your faith by going through the scripture for guidance.

Thanks for reading!

--Kimbriah L. Alfrenar