52 Weeks of Leadership: One Week at a Time: You Shall Do Greater Things

Curtis K. Chocholous’s newly released “52 WEEKS of LEADERSHIP, One Week at a Time: You Shall Do Greater Things” is a powerful resource with profound and practical insights for all those who lead and manage at every level of business, industry, education, government, healthcare, religious, and more. Curtis K. Chocholous provides a refreshingly well thought out perspective that inspires in a way many other leadership authors have missed. This book is uniquely original and is an articulate weekly devotional style resource meant to motivate and regenerate leaders and their teams all year long, hence one week at a time. The ultimate goal of every leader should be to help people reach their ever-increasing potential. In doing so, they shall do greater things. This book contains 52 short stories written to stir the heart, inspire the mind and help leaders and their people achieve far greater level of success and happiness in business and in life. The last story is yet to be written – that’s your story – and it’s Curtis K. Chocholous’s goal to help you write it. 52 WEEKS will surely challenge anyone in leadership to reflect on their current practices and energize them to seek, discover and implement new opportunities that will produce higher levels of performance and results in virtually every area of any organization.

--Curtis K. Chocholous

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