52 Weeks to Spiritual Growth

As a minister of the gospel for many years, it has been my desire to see the body of Christ fully functional and operating at its maximum capacity throughout the nations. With every congregation fulfilling the mission of making disciples and growing the kingdom of God all over the world. I have come to understand that believing in Christ and having faith is a prerequisite for salvation. I also realize that more is required in order to become a true disciple. Seeing the body of Christ grow spiritually has been a major concern of mine for a while.

It is my belief that as you meditate daily upon these scriptures and biblical thoughts and as you commit them to memory, your understanding and knowledge of God will be deepened, and you will be assured of growing spiritually. If you are serious about spiritual growth, then make it a priority to set aside quiet time each day to be spent in the presence of the Lord. As you share this time together, focus your mind on breathing and settle your heart rate to calm every part of your body as you direct your thoughts on the inner self and just experience communion with Him. Select a scripture for inspiration and growth, allowing the stillness to take you to another level of spirituality.

This material will help you to acquire the knowledge that will influence your decisions that are motivated by your emotions. Your emotional maturity will influence your spirituality. The main purpose and intent is to move you toward a place of becoming more like Him. Your attitude, behavior, and character will be molded into His likeness.

Making God "first" will change your life.

--Elder Marion James Scott Sr.