57 Days: The Wait for a New Heart Sparks a Spiritual Journey of Faith and Love

57 Days: The Wait for a New Heart Sparks a Spiritual Journey of Faith and Love is written to tell my story while facing a medical challenge like never before in life, my heart. I caught a virus, and no pacemaker or stent would give me life—only a new heart, or I wasn’t going to live. I would die. How do I deal with this unimaginable news? I’ve never been in this place before. I no longer had control over my life. A voice took residence in my brain and said, “Tell your story.” 57 Days-The Wait for a New Heart Sparks a Spiritual Journey of Faith and love when faced with a choice of life or death, Pam called on her faith in God, the love of her family and friends and the care of a top medical facility. Thrilling and inspiring, you will be deeply moved and unable to put this book down. A must read!!!

-Dr. Gloria Jackson Bacon, MD

What a masterpiece! After reading 57 Days-A Spiritual Journey of Faith and Love, I was filled to overflowing compassion along with greater measure of faith and love. Pam’s story depicts how beautiful life can be when one is able to see the covenant relationship she has, with her husband “in sickness and in health do us part.” This book illustrates the beautifully woven tapestry of Pam Morris-Walton’s life. This story will transform your life with a “New Heart” for “God Almighty, people and music!” “Read the Book!”

-Dr. Mildred C. Harris Founder, CEO God First Church and Ministries

Pam passed the test when she donated her hair 22 years ago. We are blessed by Pam in so many ways. This book needs to be read, and her story shared. Pam is a walking miracle and a testimony of God’s expression of love. A must read!

-Mary Peaks Morehouse College, Atlanta

Pam Morris-Walton has long been hailed as the “Gospelsister.” After watching her meticulously select gospel music selections to play on WVON and for nearly thirty years, she is the gospel music evangelist for the world. Her steadfast devotion and belief in the power of the word of

God in the expression of gospel music is living proof that there was a song made manifest in her 57-day heart transplant experience. She received a clean 20-year-old heart. Enjoy reading her story.

-Dr. Terry Mason, MD Cook County Department of Public Health Chief Operating Officer

Pam Morris-Walton is a gospel radio host in Chicago who has helped thousands of listeners overcome problems in their lives. But Pam had a big challenge of her own when she learned that she needed a new heart within a year. It’s a miraculous journey of faith, love and courage that has given her a story about God’s awesome power and grace that will give Pam, her listeners and now her readers something to talk about in years to come.

-Erick Johnson, City Editor The Crusader

--Pam Morris-Walton

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