7 Principles of Servant Leadership: The Power of Mentorship

The 7 Principles of Servant Leadership is written for anyone who has an internal desire to become extraordinarily successful in their chosen field of endeavor. Throughout this edition, you will meet many of the masters of personal development and a few of my mentors who came from humble backgrounds to achieve wildly successful results in a variety of industries. They each came from different circumstances and a wide range of spiritual insights and personal obstacles. All have experienced failure and achieved greatness. The 7 Principles of Servant Leadership identifies my core values system and my unique principles crafted into the B360 blueprint. This road-map has been personally designed from a collection of wisdom and viewpoints from ONE of the greatest collection of thought leaders and mentors ever assembled. This book will allow you to soar on the wings of eagles and make a difference in your own personal life or whatever you choose to pursue and allow you to serve with the peace of mind that only a unique and insightful tool like this could manifest in the 21st century.Enlisting in the Army, Winslow spent 20 years with the United States Army Finance Command, rising to the rank of Senior Financial Analyst. During his time in the military, he traveled to over 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia. His experiences as an Senior Financial Analyst abroad impacted how he views the roles of the United States in both providing and receiving aid. In 2006, Mr. Winslow retired from the military at the age of 38 and started consulting and mentoring both entrepreneurs and executives.

--Terence Winslow

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