77 Truths about Jesus Revealed in Quran!

The author of this book was interested in learning the four major religions of the world—Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. As a result of five years of intensive study of all the holy books, he came up with three books with the following titles:

1000 Similarities and 100 Differences between the Holy Bible and Holy Quran

This will reveal the major doctrinal sameness and differences between these two religions.

700 Amazing Similarities and Differences between Bhagavad-Gita and Bible

This will explain the verses of the Hindu holy book, comparing it with the Holy Bible.

Word of Truth of Dhammapada and Way of Truth through Bible

This book explains the 423 verses of Buddhist holy book, comparing them with that of the Holy Bible.

These books were written in a simpler manner without making any changes on the original wordings for the people to easily read, understand, and explore. These books will eliminate the doubts, question, and false assumptions among these religions so that each reader will gain a sound understanding of the teachings of these four major religions of the world.

Among these four religions, in my view, Christianity and Islam appear to be very close to each other. Surprisingly, the name of Jesus is mentioned in the book of Quran at least seventy-seven times. Hence, the author wants to separate this significant finding to explain further to those readers who are interested to know what the Quran reveals about the Christian prophet, Jesus.

77 Truths about Jesus Revealed in Quran!

They are very interesting to read, understand, and to teach others with authenticity. These four books are very valuable tools for pastors, religious teachers, professors of religious studies, priests, Sunday schoolers, group sessions, and missionary workers. They will gain ample knowledge about the religions of those people with whom they are working with.

--Jegan Fernando, MD

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