8 Weeks to a Lifetime of Tennis

Back Cover of "8 Weeks to a Lifetime of Tennis"

David Archer's heart for junior tennis is clearly seen in his passion for teaching incredible basics to junior tennis players from ages two years and up.

Although working with High Performance youth and adults for years, his main teaching systems have finally blossomed in the form of this book titled "8 Weeks to a Lifetime of Tennis".

From the "tennis love story" in the introduction through chapter 1, to the more detailed chapters that outline the "7 steps for Pro's every class" and "A typical day for beginners" and "A typical day for beginner/ intermediates, ending with the final chapter "Our First Fifty Drills in Progression," David's "awestruck in love" approach is certainly evident, and he has clearly hit the nail on the head when it comes to teaching the very needed basics of tennis to youth in an encouraging and always uplifting manner.

This book is a must-read for all tennis directors, tennis professionals and tennis parents who are venturing into the unchartered oceans of junior tennis.

--David Wesley Archer