I Should Have Told the Truth

Gayle is a nine-year-old fourth grader who lives with her mother in a ground-floor apartment. As an animal lover, she has always dreamed of having her very own pet. However, her apartment complex does not allow dogs or cats. When the opportunity arises for Gayle to become the owner of her class pet, she eagerly jumps at the chance. Her class pet is a mouse named Sylvia. The dilemma is she has not actually asked her mother for permission to bring Sylvia home. She knows how her mother feels about mice.

Gayle's mom is a single parent who works a full-time job. When Mom comes home from work one day, she hears Sylvia running on her squeaky wheel. Gayle explains she has brought Sylvia home and begs her mom to let her stay. Mom, being extremely afraid of mice, grants permission with some ground rules.

Although Gayle is so delighted to have her own pet, she feels guilty about being dishonest to her teacher and her mom. She desperately wants the situation to work well. Unfortunately, Sylvia escapes her cage after Gayle and her mom settle into bed for the night. Her escape causes a huge conflict. Gayle has to figure out how to rectify a really bad situation.

This debut story reveals how a nine-year-old deals with conflict and what can occur when she is dishonest. I Should Have Told the Truth is a beautiful lesson on how a child works to solve the situation she has created.

--B. Gayle Grover