A Cliff Note: My Solutions to Life Struggles

This book is about the struggles of life and how, through my own experiences, I deal with them every day. My hope is that this book can help guide you to a different way of thinking and point you to a positive outlook on life. I invite you to read my book, A Cliff Note, and consider my thoughts. Do you agree? Disagree? Are my thoughts a new idea for you, or does it confirm something you already believe? Are my thoughts a call to action for you, or maybe an opportunity for change? You may have a very different understanding of A Cliff Note than what I suggest. Feel free to let your thoughts take you where they will. In fact, you may find that rereading A Cliff Note at different times may take your thoughts in yet another direction. For this reason, you may want to underline a chapter and read and reread them ever so often. However you choose to use A Cliff Note, my hope is to remind you that you are not alone in the struggles of life. I hope that my thoughts will, in some small way, help you face each new day with a greater strength and a more positive outlook.

--Clifton Davis