A Commentary on the Gospel of John

In 2008, Samuel was asked to teach an adult Bible study on the Gospel of John. He wanted it to be rich in Bible background and as close as possible to what the Apostle John intended. When the study concluded, he then placed it on his website, TrustinginJesus.com. He has continued to work on this commentary; it has been a work in progress for more than eleven years and is now read by thousands of visitors daily.

A Commentary on the Gospel of John has been used by pastors, teachers, missionaries, Bible schools, students, and everyday people from perhaps every country.

It is clear and easy to understand and taken directly from the scriptures with no concern for denominational teachings. It does not ramble but goes directly to the point the original writer was making. This commentary is for people of all ages, even the young; and those whose first language is not English will find it informative, entertaining, and of great value. Samuel's prayer is that it will be a blessing to you and your family for many years.

About the Author

Samuel is the writer and webmaster of TrustinginJesus.com, where he does commentaries, writes Christian articles, conducts Bible studies, and answers questions and prayer requests. His visitors come from every part of the world.

He was born again at a very young age. As a teenager, he reaffirmed his salvation and was baptized. He grew up in a Christian family and is forever grateful for his Christian mother and father.

In earlier years, he had a regular job, flew airplanes, rode motorcycles, taught Sunday school and Bible studies, and raised three beautiful daughters.

In the 1990s, Samuel felt a deep call from the Lord to do a personal in-depth Bible study. Three years later, he closed the Bible and sat quietly with the Holy Spirit welling up within and barely able to contain the tears of joy. Having gotten a foretaste of our awesome God, he simply said, "What a great and wonderful God we have!"

He had acquired a life-changing knowledge and love for God's Word that he could have gotten in no other way. It had increased his craving to know more and was the beginning of more Bible research and studies, but more importantly, it had given him a burning desire to share the Lord Jesus with the world.

"Our God is unfathomable, His love, knowledge and power are like eternity, it has no limits. No matter your lot in life, with Him every day is a new beginning" (Samuel Mills).

Please visit him at www.trustinginjesus.com.

--Samuel L. Mills

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