A Flower Named Tenderly

Tenderly is a sweet little flower that lives in an enchanting meadow bordering a stream. She can walk! The stream, birds and stars, whom she's nicknamed her Friend, Sisters, and Cousins, sing to her. She is very happy. However, many of her fellow flowers left the meadow for a mysterious, faraway island called the Patch. Filled with curiosity about the place and longing to see her friends again, she journeys to the outskirts of the place to observe it. The outward journey involves crossing a desert and climbing up into a very large tree that overhangs a lagoon. She comes to realize that her friends were deceived about the place by an enemy intent on destruction. She resolves to turn her back on the Patch, place her trust in God and family, and live happily ever after in her precious meadow.

--Mark Ekdahl