A Gathering Storm Age of Wonder: Book 1

A past long forgottenLegends return to lifeA reputation to restore In 500 years, civilization has come far since the time known as The Great Event.  Ancient ruins remain scattered across the world of Solaris, echoes of a long-forgotten past. Siblings Amber, Zander, and Quinn have known only peace growing up in the mountain town of Thunder Ridge.  Each works diligently to master their talents.  Their futures seem secure.  Until... news from Thunder Ridge sends shockwaves across the land.   A creature of legend has been born.  Drawing unwanted attention, the mythical creature becomes the target of a syndicate group known as the Dragon Clan.  With a recent failure, clansman, Rex, has a reputation to restore.Worlds collide as Amber, Zander, and Quinn find themselves thrust into the middle of something far larger than themselves.  As their environment transforms from a peaceful life at Thunder Ridge, a tempest brews on the horizon threatening to dramatically alter life as they know it.  They begin to wonder if they have stumbled into the midst of a gathering storm.

--Lucas Fischhaber

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