A Helping Hand: We can all do something

This book illustrates how someone living in a small town can still have a lot to contribute to his community, his country, and even the world. The author, Bill Moll, has lived in the small town of Shannon, Illinois, with a population of eight hundred his entire life, but has come in contact with many people in all parts of the world. He has been a friend and played basketball with a former Harlem Globetrotter and has had some phone calls from the Whitehouse while Ronald Reagan was president.

The New York Times even sent a reporter to his hometown of Shannon to interview him in the 1970s. Those are only a few examples of his very interesting life.

The author and his family have begun a scholarship fund to help deserving students as well as other people they believe need a little help in their lives. Bill and his wife have been honored by their little village, including heading their Labor Day parade and being their Grand Marshal in 2018.

Bill Moll has farmed all his adult life, but this book is definitely not about farming. Even though he has often been written up by farm magazines and on their covers, you will find as you read this book he really did not want to farm. He wanted to work in a bank. He never regretted his decision to farm, however, and contributed to his community as well as to many people outside of his community as he reached out to everyone.

He has experienced many wonderful times in his life but has been touched by tragedy too. He admits he hasn't handled everything as well as he could have. Mr. Moll is now eighty-three years old, and there is a lot to be learned from his mistakes as well as his successes.

--LaMoine "Bill" Moll