A Husband Sent by God

This is a book about praying to God for a spouse. With divorce so prevalent, we need to find and marry the right person so that the relationship can be satisfying and productive. This story is my journey of how I found love and the storms we weathered together. Finding true love is possible especially when you trust in God for your significant other. There are so many challenges in life and relationship; however, with help, some of the challenges that come about can be avoided. Relationships can be challenging when you're not with the right person; you need to position yourself to win. There are intricate areas in marriage that need to be mastered for success. This book will help you understand that trusting God for a partner is imperative; we cannot do it alone. God knows the ins and outs of every person and knows how to choose the right person for every individual. I pray this book will be helpful to all the readers looking for love because it can be found. Trust God to lead the way, and you will not be disappointed. God is sovereign and does not know how to disappoint or fail. Trust God in your endeavors, and He will see you through.

--Patricia Edwards-Burton

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