A Journey Toward Home: How Life experiences led me to the very heart of God

If you are taking the first steps on your life journey or if you have been on the road for years, you are sure to be refreshed and renewed as you began to journey closer to the very arms of God. Your life dreams and aspirations do not have to be put on hold or out of reach, no matter what cards life has dealt. You can come forth and come out. Truly you are the one that controls your life’s destiny, not your past faults or mistakes. This book will show just how the Lord can take you out, clean you up, and renew your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Can God forgive and use you? My answer is absolutely because he did it for me, so I know that as you read my story, you will see that if he can forgive and restore this old country boy, then he can surely lift you up from your unwanted circumstances. As you read through this book, you will come to understand your value and purpose for being on earth. Christ will help you complete His very purpose in you. You are not too far gone to where He does not know where you are, and He is seeking after you. This book will reflect through my story, that our precious life will be filled with mistakes. However, we must understand that on the inside of those who have accepted Christ is the life of a risen savior. It is my hope that everyone who believes and lives for Christ can experience the excitement of life to its fullest and the abundance of blessings that God has promised to us all. I challenge you as you read this book from start to finish, opening your heart and mind to feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and the process of change taking place. Through this encounter, revitalization will begin to inspire you to move forward on your life journey. I have been blessed to have experienced God’s greatness. There must be a strong desire to trust God’s leading even when the way forward seems hidden. The journey ahead of you is so much brighter than the road behind you. You can and will complete your journey to the very arms of God.

--Bobby Lee Favors

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