A Leader That Everyone Wants to Follow

Do you want to be a great leader? Do you know what it takes to be a great leader? Someone said if a leader is leading out front and there is no one behind him, then he is just taking a walk.

This book is designed to help leaders be the best they can be using biblical principles as a guideline. These guidelines are direct and practical. It also has illustrations that will give the reader a picture in their mind because a picture is worth a thousand words. Dr. Godbolt also uses examples of leaders who he has learned from while serving as a leader. These guidelines will help leaders become a leader who everyone wants to follow.

The book A Leader that Everyone Wants to Follow teaches leaders how to:

• be swift to hear and slow to speak;

• know them that labor among you;

• keep the vision alive;

• be friendly and kind;

• be equipped; and

• encourage others.

Whether you are an inexperienced leader or an experienced leader, this book will help you become a great leader that everyone wants to follow.

--Dr. Ron Godbolt

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