A Life of Faith: From West Africa to Her American Dream

This book is about Faith, a woman who had children when she was young and unmarried. Because of where and when she was born, young unmarried women with children were often ostracized and their chances of achieving a high school education, not to mention, college education were very slim. While a woman in her situation only hope was marrying a man, who would take care of her and her children, she took a different approach. Steadily and with a determined mind, she cultivated her independence, inch by inch towards her passion for learning. She believed a good education would give her the leverage to shield herself from marriage as her only option to living. Against all odds and hardships that she experienced from early teenage years to young adulthood, she ultimately migrated from Liberia to the United States, went to school, and eventually earned advanced degrees. Her education dramatically improved her quality of life and boosted her self-confidence and self-worth. Faith is a model for young single mothers and fathers, who are often overlooked and denigrated by society, simply because they had children out of wedlock. With determination and strong faith in God, while pursuing aims and aspirations, their dreams can also become realities.

--Mai C. Stevens