A Life Spiritually Guided by Faith, Daisies and Sky Blue Pink: A Personal Journey Through Childhood, Love, and Loss

A Life Spiritually Guided by Faith, Daisies, and Sky-Blue Pink is the autobiography of K. L. Nelson, a young girl raised on Christian faith and values that molded her into the woman she is today and guided her through life's challenges in marriage, motherhood, and her most recent loss.As a young girl, K. L. Nelson was and continues to be spiritually inspired by her maternal grandmothers and has been blessed to be chosen to feel the spirits around her and to be given their messages for her own life and for others. As a young woman of fifteen, she found the love of her life; and together, they began a journey of growing up, fighting their own personal battles, and the many challenges life would bring their way. Through the strength of their love for each other, faith, and spiritual guidance, they would make it through them all until one fateful day when she would find herself enduring the greatest heartache she could ever imagine--the unexpected loss of her husband after twenty-six years of marriage and thirty-two years together.Today, she is learning to manage life on her own, to find peace in the loss she has suffered, and to hold faith in the Lord to walk beside her through her next journey in life.A Life Spiritually Guided by Faith, Daisies, and Sky-Blue Pink is a heartfelt story of faith, hope, and endurance. It is a message meant to inspire and show that we do not have to give up and change course just because life gets tough. If our love is strong enough, and we dig deep within ourselves, we can all find the connections in our lives that inspire and guide us. If we learn to find our strength through the Lord, we can find meaning and hope in our lives that will carry us through any and all of life's challenges.

--KL Nelson

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