A Message of Truth: The History, Science, and Politics of Christianity

Does God exist? If so, can he be known? Is it possible to have a relationship with Almighty God? Is the Holy Bible accurate? Was it inspired by God? Is Jesus Christ a real person? Did he actually come back from the dead as Christians profess? How is it that Christianity is so widespread? What makes Christianity different from any other religion? And if Christianity is true, why are Christians persecuted?

Can these questions be answered with any assurance? Yes, they can. True or false, that is the ultimate question. This book presents the controversy surrounding Christianity and the Holy Bible and examines the evidence. It resolves the misconception that the Bible is in discord with science and history. You can decide which arguments are reliable or problematic, what information is factual or contrived, whether to adopt one worldview over another, and what you will believe.

A case is made for the authenticity of the Holy Bible. Its positive influence on humanity has lasted for millennia. It is the most distributed, translated, read, and debated book of all time. It is a guide to life and has shaped morality, politics, and cultures worldwide, especially in the USA. In fact, our founding documents and our nation were founded primarily on the precepts of the Judeo-Christian worldview gleaned from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Even those that deny divine intervention being involved in the creation of the universe and the writing of God's Word will find the Bible to be a great source of history, science, politics, and philosophy.

--Andrew V. Barber, PhD