A Perfect Peace

As all of you know that it is often said, that seeing is believing. Well, finally you have a book in your hands that allows for you to physically see its ending.

This happens from something we all do which is by our taking for granted with the choices we make. They can be good or bad choices but sometimes, these bring us other opportunities.

So right now from this very true story, everybody will be given a first-time, real opportunity that shall be presented to you by""of all things""a spirited cat. For it simply doesn't matter if you have a pet or not because I shall make all of you the same promises.

They are, that you will never be friends with this annoying cat or allow her to stay inside your home. Yet I truly know that she will find her way into your heart. I also need to make you fully aware that this cat is extra mean and has a bad habit of biting. However, before you try chasing her away, I do know that she will chew deeply into your emotions and hiss constantly inside of your thoughts.

With that guaranteed, you need to understand that this nasty cat has a most special gift for you that comes from the word peace. In fact, it's from her precious gift that allows for you to actually see of the amazing ending as I alone cannot give that to anybody. However, I can promise all of you this as well: that it's from her wonderful gift that shall always have you to remember the title of A Perfect Peace.

--Lance Tassi

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