A Sack Full Of Seasons

Back Cover SummaryThis book is one that can be enjoyed by young and old. Whether it’s to learn about the seasons for the first time or reminisce childhood memories, the images it conveys through the writing and art are clear, light, and happy. Each sense is stirred when discussing the icy feeling of snow, the crackling sound of a bonfire, the hot sweet taste of a roasted marshmallows, the smell of jasmine in the warm breezes of spring, and the relief felt upon plunging into cool clear lakes on a hot summer’s day.Oh, on and on we go. As you read this book with your children, you too will find yourself stopping to share your own childhood memories inspired by the images throughout the pages.In education, every new fact a child learns is best understood through prior experience. This book can be used as a memorable gateway to introducing children to prose and deeper, descriptive language. It helps them see writing as an art as they visualize the scenes. Young readers will be introduced to the wonders of the changing environment, the effects it has on the way we live and how it represents the many circles of life. It serves as a great preparatory experience prior to the study of the seasons in science.Parents will find themselves browsing through this book long after the kids are grown.

--Lynn Driscoll Wolff

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