A Sailor's Cross: Letters to my Children

These writings are to explain that life is not perfect, and to every good experience you encounter there is always a dark side lingering around the corner waiting to overcome you. There are no limitations to the mind. There is no beginning or end to your thoughts. We are only an emotion. Whichever path you choose, please be honest with yourself and not like the many others who cover their pain with false smiles and empty laughter. The words you will read will apply to the many factors of your life. Whether you succeed over darkness or darkness has succeeded over you, this will be a reference for you to look back on and know you are not the only one who struggles. I would like to say that I have struggled through everything the mind can imagine in which you will read, but I still stand and live to write. This so-called book or collection of thoughts expressed through poetry is relatable to anyone who has smiles but doesn’t know they are smiling due to the ups and downs, the highs and lows of a mental or physical addiction or just expressive thought through “irrational” actions.

--Rene Baptiste