A Sailor's Yarn

A Sailor's Yarn is a warm adventure set on the Great Lakes in the early twentieth century. There are great storms, love stories, and pirates. It is all wrapped in the study of a man coming to faith. You will meet the sultan, a larger-than-life character. There is a one-armed sailor, a cat named Habebe, a five-star chef, and their loves. Robert Loomis is the captain that leads his crew from one exciting adventure to the next. There is a city burning and a battle on Lake Erie. The entire story is buried in a layer of humor that will keep you snickering. It culminates in one of the worst storms recorded on the Great Lakes, the "White Water Fury". Come back to a simpler time where people took the time to live, laugh, and love. Feel the power of the storm.

--Gregory T. Goetterman, Sr.