A Serendipity Calls

A Serendipity Calls is a memoir celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit during life's challenges and uncertainties. Bob and Dianne were young and crazy in love, but a third entity "" the spectre of cancer "" tried to mar their joy. Despite wanting to live and dream about a future much like other young couples, it seemed their path was already paved, and it was nothing close to what they dreamed of. In the face of tragedy, Bob and Dianne were determined to embrace life, be grateful, and fight for the future they wanted together. They had to learn how to find joy amidst turmoil, keep their sense of humour when things were difficult, and support each other through the greatest challenge of their young lives. Time was precious and they weren't going to waste it. Among the losses, trauma, and fear of what was ahead, serendipities of life gave them the strength to keep moving forward. If ever they had to say goodbye, there would be no regrets.

--Dianne Magor