A Spiritual Checkup

Just as we need to have check-ups to gauge our physical and mental well-being, we

should also conduct check-ups to evaluate our spiritual maturity and wellness. In

this book, Dr. Randy Bell Sr. urges readers to conduct A Spiritual Check-Up on

themselves. He asks 10 questions that are necessary to determine spiritual wellness

and then provides steps to improve and maintain our spiritual health.

"Dr. Randy Bell's book "A Spiritual Check-Up" is a wake-up call for Christians

everywhere. God is prompting us through His servant to evaluate our inner-man.

It's a must read for all laity and Christians leaders. Dr. Bell is God's man for this

generation.  is book is not seasonal; it's for the time that we have left on this planet

to do "A Spiritual Check-Up" before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. A Spiritual

Check-Up has begun..."

"" Dr. Jimmy R. Butler

Purpose International Church, Lumberton, NC

"Inspiring, revelatory and truth...I am rejuvenated with knowledge as the author

teaches biblical insight. Dr. Randy Bell delivers and provokes the reader to wisdom,

with a profoundness that will catapult your thinking.  is is the right book for a

remnant people who desire strategic revelation from God."

"" Dr. Fredrick J. Harris

Apostolic Overseer, Without Limits Ministries International, Fuquay-Varina, NC

--Dr. Randy Bell Sr.