A Tale of Two Sides

Perspective is how we see a situation based on an emotional response during a moment. As we grow and learn, we gain new perspectives on old circumstances and even handle ourselves differently in new settings. We all experience struggles and challenges in life. We adapt to the environment we are placed in and make choices based on those circumstances. Some of us cope better than others and can illuminate logic where others can't see. However, learning to look through the lens of another is the ability to embrace judgment and learn compassion. Embracing life's journey with the guidance of Jesus isn't always easy, and the verses we read or hear that resonate with us most are the verses we can relate to at that moment in time. We can read the same verse at various stages in our lives and see it differently at every phase. The dilemma is not knowing the version before the life experience in order to make better choices. Submissiveness to God's plans is where trusting him begins. Only trusting God's plan for our lives seems to be more difficult than it should be. The logical question is why?

--Vienna Vercelli

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