A Time for Growing

Joe Lee lives in Lone Pine, Kentucky, with his grandmother and his little sister Verilee. When the new pastor, Parson Reeves, comes to town, he is met with disapproval from some members of Lone Pine Community Church. Miss Lytle, the school marm, returns to Lone Pine in September. Among Joe Lee's schoolmates is Coralee Jones, a thorn in Joe Lee's side, and her sister Delia, who is jealous of Joe Lee. Additional conflict is provided by local troublemakers Deak and Sloan Pettit. Disgruntled because Parson Reeves foils their attempts to disturb meetings, they set fire to the church. While trying to rescue Verilee during a storm, Joe Lee is struck by lightning. After lying near death for a week, he finally regains consciousness. While Parson Reeves helps Joe Lee regain his strength, Miss Lytle comes after school to give him his lessons. Then Miss Lytle suddenly leaves town amid rumors that she is with child, and folks are quick to point the finger at Parson Reeves. During a meeting to get the truth, Joe Lee delivers a scathing rebuke to the people of Lone Pine.

--Carla M. Day