A Tin Can Life: (But God Calls her "Precious")

The name and photo on her nursing home employee I.D. does not begin to reveal Leah's identity, her story. She has been through hell and back in many respects, yet spend a little time with her and you will get a very real sense of her redemption. She knows how to laugh as well as cry and both are cleansing. She doles out hugs and words of affirmation, which prove to be cleansing as well.And her story, though tragic, is not an ongoing tragedy. She is ever learning and relearning that who she is, is more than her past and her pas is what opened her eyes to Jesus, which makes her present and future full of hope and glory. Her forever identification in Christ assures that. But it has been a long, hard journey - one that began the very moment she was born.

--D. Nobody