A Very Special, Wonderful Boy

It is discovered that this Very Special, Wonderful Boy has a heart that is two sizes too big. It barely fit inside of his little body and was very tender and sensitive to life around it. No wonder his heart would hurt when it felt bumped by bad words or bad looks or bad behavior from other average people. They did not understand why he was so touchy.Through clever, challenging, and exciting years, you will grow with Ian and discover his very special, wonderful powers.This book gives an empowering response to one of life's most frustrating facts: life's not fair. It helps parents counteract bullying and really does make the world a better place. Ian's example made average people want to be better, and they became "better than average."This story offers a child the choice of learned behavior and growth of character. Ultimately, this book brings us beyond the superheroes of today's culture to a true Godly superhero: a saint. A saint is a very special, wonderful person with a very big heart.

--Deborah Dufresne

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