Adventuresome Millers

There's just something about old, dilapidated buildings, and trails in a forest leading to somewhere unknown, that call children and adults, alike, to become adventuresome. To explore!

Adventuresome Millers is a story that takes its readers on a summer adventure with a group of neighborhood children who go down an old country road looking for treasure, pretty rocks, and things that crawl and hop. As they make their way down the road, they see an old, abandoned house. Once inside the house, things get real exciting! Especially when one of the kids finds an old metal box with a lock on it. What's inside the metal box?!!!

With a sense of mystery, discovery, and a brave rescue, Adventuresome Millers provides an exciting story that takes neighborhood children in a direction they least expect. It's a story that illustrates Ephesians 6:1 and helps children understand the importance of the biblical value: Children obey your parents.


Some things in life will always be the same, especially when it comes to children growing up and making their way through the "School of Hard Knocks," just like we did. Problems in life have many variations, but biblical values never change.

--Jeffrey Baer