Alec, Buzz, Lady, Fireball, and Sue

Alec, Buzz, Lady, Fireball, and Sue is a simple yet fun and exciting view into life as a bug and some scenarios that could take place in a bugs world.

Growing up, the author collected bugs and drew many bug characters and cartoons.

Creatures made by the creator of this earth really should be in close relations to the creator and be ever so willing to console with Him.

Well, that is how this creepy crawly but cute bunch of insect friends can relate to things when in distress. Especially Alec. Now in this story, Alec is suppose to be a strong guy and hardworking for his family. But he does find out that in reality he is not that strong.

In spite of what is said about his kind, there can be exceptions to the rule and strong or not everybody needs somebody sometimes.

So he and his friends do what needs to be done in times of trouble.

Alec's good friend Lady is with him, and they meet up with their pal Buzz. In need of some light that night, Fireball comes into the picture. And even a scary spider named Sue tests their nerves a bit.

They end up having a new friend now, and it is someone they would have never thought they could ever get that close to. Alec in the end is very grateful for all his buddies and tells God that too.

No one is too awesome that they can't ask for help once in awhile.

Don't ever think you are being weak because you need another friend in the time of need.

And just like Alec ant, don't be afraid to talk to God about triumphs and weaknesses.

Include him, and remember, little things count in this world, and all things matter, big, small, and in between. Everything has some importance.

--Wendy West Hart