Align Above: A Personalized Letter To Airbag Survivors Everywhere!: The Truth About Airbags: The Importance About Preventative Care



Evidence-based integrative medicine models represent the understanding that the body is interconnected with biochemical processes that directly or indirectly affect all other processes. When all systems are working well, the body is in harmony, health, and vitality. However, when any one of those are off, it creates an imbalance, and the entire body is affected. If the symptom goes on long enough, symptoms will begin to compound and build upon that until wholeness is identified and restored. As the disease process is corrected and brought back into balance with evidence-based integrative medicine, treating the body as a whole, the disease process over time heals itself with all things working together in systematic evidence-based integrative medicine design.

In evidence-based integrative medicine, each individual is treated as a whole, reversing and treating the symptoms that ail them. Public health care addresses the symptoms or illness, acute or chronic, when the patient presents in acute visits. Evidence-based functional medicine dives in deeper to the scientific level to explore the cellular biologic components that are contributing to enable whole body wellness.

To be truly well requires evidence-based integrative medicine. When incorporating evidence-based integrative medicine, each individual will notice ongoing change, improvement, restoration, and renewed hope in their individual and personal lives. This is the outcome Kristin Hagen creates for everyone.

America offers the promise and choice of two different kinds of care for consumers. Each have their respective place. Evidence-based integrative medicine sets the pinnacle bar to wellness, and that in which all medical specialties may incorporate to advance client-centered care. Evidence-based integrative and functional medicine honors the individual's health and wellness over surgical approaches or medications, utilizing all aspects of care to bring the individual back to functional health and stay well for the long term. Preventive medicine is America's future, keeping people well, reducing cost, and impacting health care for generations to come.


The Truth About Airbags:

The Importance of Preventive Care

--Kristin Hagen

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