Alleys of Your Mind: Release Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

This book chronicles the deliverance of a young woman--who lived in Detroit, Michigan--from the clutches of Satan and witchcraft as Jesus Christ became more real to her than life itself. She always knew she had psychic abilities and thought the use of it in witchcraft was the right way, but God opened her eyes to see that gifts and callings are without repentance from God. He made her and gifted her uniquely for a specific purpose of deliverance for herself and others through the Word of God. Alleys of your Mind delves into the nooks and crannies of our minds that hold the silent thoughts, the unkempt, forgotten, damp, and dark places, those back-and-forth places of sin that we do not discuss or share with others or ever hope they find out about us. The author desires to "save with fear while pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment stained by the flesh" (Jude 23 MEV). The book unfolds as she travels across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in search of a better life and freedom from past hurts to fall into the arms of Jesus Christ while living in a pagan and foreign land. Sometimes, God must take us from what we know to places that are unknown to capture the heart and the alleys of the mind for his glory!

--Sharon Boykin

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