Along Came a Lion

It’s inevitable. The lion will come. Every believer will encounter his presence during their lifetime. Loss—in the form of a job, marriage, pregnancy, health, finances, relationship, possessions, freedom, dream, or ultimately, the life of someone you love. No matter how impactful or seemingly small the loss, one thing is certain: the lion will surely come.

How will you respond when the winds blow? Regardless whether you simply have to replace a few shingles on the roof or devastatingly emerge from the cellar to find there is nothing left, the lion will be there. Will praises or cursing come? One is much easier than the other. No effort is required, and anyone can do it. To curse and to blame, to allow hatred and bitterness to fill your heart, to crawl into the bed of self-pity and wallow in your new title of “victim,” to be submerged in a deep dark depression, in which you do not desire any help out of, to lock the door on those closest to you, to raise your fist to God.

However, do you want to see real strength? Do you want to see evidence of how God can truly turn “ashes to beauty”? You must fight the urge and instinct to curse. Instead, you will replace it with praise. It won’t be easy. Remember, it’s a war! When every ounce of your existence screams, “It’s not fair!” and your heart turns cold, force your lips to speak truth: God’s very word.

Embrace the lion and trust the One who has sent him onto your path. His timing and purposes are perfect.

Along Came a Lion is the story of a four-year-old little boy, Caed, who was chosen by God to do a great work through a very tough journey, and how his family walked many treacherous years clinging to God’s sovereignty, faithfulness, and love.

--Lori Hollingsworth

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