Am I Really Saved

"Am I sure of going to heaven?" This is the most important question that anyone could ever ask. The only thing that ultimately matters is whether we are ready for heaven. We need assurance of our salvation.

Gary Johnson has prepared a simple workbook depicting the process of salvation centered around four main steps: repentance, trusting, obedience, and perseverance. The book is based entirely on scripture, all of which is provided for your easy reference. Read the verses in each section, pray over them, and answer the series of questions based on the truth God has revealed to you. You may then compare your answers to the suggested answers provided in the text.

The two sections titled "God's Part in Salvation" and "Man's Part in Salvation" will bring special illumination to your spiritual understanding. See how God plays an interactive part with man in bringing about our eternal deliverance.

Am I Really Saved? is an ideal study tool for individuals, group settings, and church-sponsored Bible studies.

--Gary Johnson